Favourite Story ever… “Lego House”: Ch. One: This City//Last Night

Yes, its a fanfic, yes its about Larry Stylinson, but it’s not set in the famed world and has nothing to do with the band 1D except to be inspired by the boys admirable bond of friendship, and focuses on a fictionalised version of Harry & Lou’s relationship. One of my most favourite stories ive ever stumbled upon. Better than so many books that have littered bookstore shelves in recent years. This tale can take on the trash and win with it’s hands tied behind its back. Lego House forever! Xo :) …………………………………………………………………..



Summary: Louis Tomlinson was just about at the end of his rope, caught up in the mess he’d created for himself, stranded at the center of a maze. Harry Styles was doing just fine the way things were. He worked at night and slept through the day. He made enough money to just get by. Everything was fine. But one night seemed to change everything. Coming from very opposite sides of town, the two boys meet. One saves the other in more ways than one, and though neither expect a future extended past sunrise, fate seems to have other plans….

Rate M for Mature: Drugs, alcohol, sex, language, probably violence, controversial issues and stuff, pornstars and prostitutes, self harm. May be triggering at times. 


LEGO HOUSE//Chapter One: This City//Last Night 

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Here are the links to all the chapters, aswell as a trailer, playlists, translated chapters, gif inspirations and further character info: http://danceinstylinson.tumblr.com/legohouse


Sand dunes of Monument Valley.
National Geographic - December, 1972

South-Africa-Cape-Town——Seascape-2 By: Jacques de Klerk


How to get a girlfriend:

  1. Go up to her and say, “Before I met you, the sun was like a yellow grape, but now it looks like fire in the sky. Why? Because you light a fire inside me.”
  2. Nickname her “Dandelion”
  3. Tell her you’d throw your pie for her, and then proceed to do so, in a violent manner, toward a fellow near said conquest.

by Martine Johanna

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